Yacht Insurance

Nothing feels better than taking the day off on your yacht. It feels so great having a nice, luxurious boat to ride in.  Wouldn’t it feel more relaxing if you had your yacht insuranced and did not have to worry about the costs associated with an accident.  Well, I am here to tell you that yacht insurance is easy to get and saves you a lot of headache.

There are stark difference between what actually constitutes boat insurance and yacht insurance.  Yes, the two insurance plans different greatly so make sure you know.  A boat is usually a smaller vessel that usually fits around 1-5 people at time.  On the other hand a yacht is vessel that is much more luxurious and usually can carry over 10-15 people.  This means that yachts are usually bigger, and much more bulkier.  You know what this means yacht insurance is a lot more than boat insurance.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance is probably the best way to not be liable for damages associated with an accident with your yacht.  Since, yachts are more luxurious and bigger than regular boats, the insurance premiums are a bit more expensive.  That doesn’t mean that yacht insurance is not worth the cost, actually yacht insurance is affordable.  Furthermore, it would stupid to pay such a high price for a yacht and not protect your purchase with insurance.

Yacht insurance is more expensive than boat insurance because yachts are more expensive.  Just think of yacht insurance like auto insurance for a luxury car like a BMW or Mercedes-Benz.  It feels great driving those cars, but the insurance is going to be higher because these cars cost more to repair if they are damaged.  The same type of rational applies for yachts.  The yachts just cost more to repair which means the insurance will cost more.  However,  this does not mean that you have to be re-financing your house in order to afford yacht insurance.

If you want to get cheap yacht insurance than try some of these methods.  Try to get a lower model of your yacht.  The more expense  and newer your yacht the more insurance you are going to have to pay.  But if you insist on getting or having your particular yacht you could just wait till your insurance premium goes down.  This may sound weird but yacht insurance companies will actually lower your premiums if you stick with them and not file any claims.  The insurance companies do this because as you stick with there company they get more comfortable with the idea that you are not a risk, and thus they can afford to lower your premiums.  All in all, yacht insurance is probably one of the best buys your can purchase for your yacht.