Wooden Boat Insurance

Nothing feels better than riding in a smooth and nice wooden boat. The time and effort that went into making that wooden boat it would be a crying shame if something bad were to happen and you did not have insurance. That is why I say you should get wooden boat insurance.

Most people think that they don’t need insurance, and that nothing that bad will ever happen to their beloved wooden boat. They would never do anything to hurt the boat. That might be all good and great now, but you do not control the future. That is why it makes sense to protect your self from any liable costs that can come from a wooden boat accident. So, it makes sense to buy wooden boat insurance.

Wooden Boat Insurance

A lot of people who are skeptical about wooden boat insurance comes from the fact that people believe that wooden boat insurance is expensive. I am here to say that wooden boat insurance is not expensive, and in many cases for just a dollar a day you can get great wooden boat insurance. You will not believe the stories people told me about wooden boat insurance. One person actually said that wooden boat insurance costs more than auto insurance. This is completely and utterly false. If your wooden boat insurance costs more than your auto insurance you are doing something wrong, or the insurance company is trying to rip you off. Having a piece of mind with your wooden boat does not have to cost an arm and leg.

However, some people would still like to get cheap wooden boat insurance, there are some proven techniques that will help you get that cheap rate. The best way to get cheap wooden boat insurance might sound weird at first but it actually works. First, find the cheapest wooden boat insurance you want then pay the insurance company for a about a year. After that you will see that your insurance company will automatically lower your rates as the insurance company finds out that you are a safe bet. Another great way to get cheap wooden boat insurance is to bundle your auto, home and boat insurance under one company. Insurance companies love when you bundle their items together it makes them give you a cheaper rate because they can make sure you are a safe bet.

If you own a wooden boat and would like to get insurance, I would suggest to go to an insurance company that is tailored made for maritime. The big boys like Geico and All-State have great auto and home insurance polices but lack in their knowledge of boating insurance. However, things are changing and as these companies become better at serving the maritime community, best to stick with people who know there stuff.