Small Boat Insurance

I am sure every one has heard of the expression size doesn’t matter.  Well in the world of boat insurance it sure does.

Boat insurance is just like any other kind of insurance.  You buy insurance and then you covered from most costs when disaster strikes.  The same application stands with boat insurance.  Furthermore, in boat insurance size means a lot.  Each different kinds of boat has its own kind of insurance.  Most insurance companies will either have a yacht or boat insurance.  Yacht insurance is usually reserved well for yachts, or big boats.  The rest of us folk fall into a category called small boat insurance.

Maybe to you your boat is bid, but to the guys at the insurance office it is considered small.  Small boat insurance is basically regular boat insurance that you get with any boat.  What determines your premiums is the size of your boat.  See I told you size does matter.

Small Boat Insurance

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that smaller boats get cheaper insurance, and larger boats get more expensive insurance.  A bigger boat just runs a bigger risk of getting into an accident, while a small boat is agile and quick enough to not have that risk.  So, what it really comes down to is the size of your boat.

Small boat insurance does not have to cost so much either.  Most the big names in insurance like Geico and All-State provide great and affordable small boat insurance plans.  It feels great when you know you have that piece of mind knowing that your boat is safe and sound.  If you are penny pincher, like most of us try to be than there are ways of getting cheaper small boat insurance.

Well you could get a smaller boat.  I know this sounds idiotic but insurance companies are very precises about measurements and models.  If you just go down one model, or get a one foot small boat your insurance premiums would be a lot less.  The next thing you could do to lower your insurance premiums is to not file claims over every little ding and scratch.  The insurance company does not want to deal with a person who constantly keeps putting claims on there small boat for every little thing.  Small boats are for enjoyment the last thing you should be thinking about while enjoying your boat is your small boat insurance.

Boat insurance is measured by size and many other factors.  However, size is probably the biggest factor when insurance companies decide your premium.  Small boat insurance does not have to expensive.  If you feel like you are paying too much for small boat insurance than try to lower premiums by not filing claims, or switching to a smaller boat.  Boating should be about fun and enjoyment leave the worrying to your small boat insurance company.