Power Boat Insurance

Nothing feels better than having your hair fly back and zooming across the open water with your power boat. Wouldn’t it feel better if you protected your pride and joy with power boat insurance.

Power boats have such great potential of speed that anyone with out power boat insurance would be nuts. So, if you own a power boat, I would suggest buying power boat insurance asap. Power boats are not cheap, and if you get into an accident it would not cost just your arm or leg, but maybe even a lung or your kidney. I am not joking. Most new power boats cost around 150,000-200,000 dollars. It would makes sense to protect your pleasure investment with power boat insurance.

Powerboat Insurance

People always tell me that power boat insurance is more expensive than regular boat insurance. However, I am here to say that yes power boat insurance costs more but not by much. First, let me explain why power boating insurance is more expensive than regular boat insurance. For one, the cost of a power boat is a lot more than a regular boat. A new regular boat can cost you around 20,000 to 50,000 dollars compare that cost to the cost of a new power boat and you can see why it is so much more expensive. In addition, a power boat has an engine that is specifically designed and thus the parts are going to much more expense. This means that if you get into a collision it is going to cost more to repair and thus your insurance premiums on your power boat will be a lot more. Do not get discouraged when buying power boat insurance. Power boat insurance is more expensive than regular boat insurance, but not by much. In saying that, there are ways in which you can save money on power boat insurance.

When you want to pay the least for your power boat insurance there a couple kestrel insurance of techniques that you need to know about. First, pick an insurance company and pay your power boat insurance premiums on time and do not file any claims. Yes, for the first 6-months to a year you will pay more in insurance premiums, but as the insurance company learns that you are a safe bet they will lower your rates for sure. Another great way to lower your power boat insurance is to simply bundle all your other insurance polices into one. This means put your house, auto, and power boat insurance into one company. Most companies offer great promotional rates for customer who do this.

Do not get discouraged when people say power boat insurance is more expense than regular boat insurance. The difference is quite small and in all actuality justified. I would think that if you invested that much time and effort into your power boat it is best that you get it insurances.