Motor Boat Insurance

Doesn’t it feel good just to go off into the wild blue yonder and have no care in the world, but then you suddenly slow down because you realize that you have no motor boat insurance.  I am here to tell you that just for a few dollars a day, maybe even a few cents you can have affordable and quality motor boat insurance.

Motor boat insurance is much like any other type of boat insurance.  The insurance protects you from liable charges that you may face when you have an accident to your motor boat.  When I say accident it does not have to specifically a collision with another boat.  Most motor boat insurance companies cover a wide variety of accidents.

Let’s say your outdoor garage catches fire, yes you have home owners insurance for that so your covered.  However, if you had your motor boat locked away in there, then you could be in some trouble.  Most home owner insurance companies does not cover things like cars, or motor boats.  They expect you to buy these polices separately.  Why?  Well,  a car and boat are portable things and thus have a higher risk of an accident, while a home is stationary it really does not have that high of a risk.  However, do not worry motor boat insurance is cheap and will protect you when disaster might strike.

Motor Boat Insurance

A great way to get cheap motor boat insurance is to get a package deal with your current auto, and/or homeowners insurance plan.  Most insurance companies will give you a fantastic discount when bundle insurance plans together.  If you have all separate plans from you home, car, and boat then talk to your insurance companies and see how much you could save if you had all three under one company.

People always love to ask how does an insurance company come up with my insurance premium.  Well for motor boat insurance it is based on a number of things, like age, employment, and credit score.  However, the main things that determine your rate are age, and years with your motor boat insurance company.  As you may know with age comes wisdom, and the insurance companies follow that with message with a T.  If you are older your premiums will be lower plain and simple.  Next, is the amount of time you have been a part of your insurance company.  This is important because it shows the insurance company that you have not been filing a lot of claims and you have paying your premiums on time.  This basically shows them that you are a safe bet and they can afford to lower your premiums year after year.

After realizing motor boat insurance is easy to figure out wouldn’t you want that piece of mind knowing that your enjoyment is also not liable to you. I always say when in doubt get insurance, the same applies for motor boat insurance.