Fishing Boat Insurance

There is nothing like the feeling of catching  a great big bass after he puts up a fierce fight, but  wouldn’t it feel better if you had fishing boat insurance so that your fishing boat is protected from damages? Obviously, you wouldn’t feel great about paying the premiums, but fishing boat insurance would put you at ease knowing that you boat is protected from damages.

Fishing boat insurance is almost like any other type of boat insurance.  Remember to be considered a boat it needs to be less than 26 feet in length.  Other than that fishing boat insurance is not unlike any other type of boat insurance out in the market.

Fishing boat insurance does not have to be expensive, the rates are quite competitive actually.  Boat insurance is just like car insurance, the better the boat the more insurance premiums you are going to have to pay.  However,  fishing boat insurance will cost a little more because fishing does put a lot more wear and tear and that might make the insurance premiums much higher.  However,  fishing boat insurance rates can be competitive enough.

Fishing boat Insurance

The first thing to look for when buying fishing boat insurance is the type of coverage you want.  Some insurance brokers offer cash payment if you have damages, other brokers might offer some other enticing deals.  In addition you want to look over if you want some liability coverage, which protects you when someone sues you.  You may also want to look in to medical coverage as well which protects you from paying outrageous medical expenses in the case of an accident.  Once you have decided on the exact type and kind of boat insurance coverage you want then start to look around from boat insurance brokers.

Some of the big insurance brokers like Geico or Allstate do provide excellent boat insurance, but there rates might be a bit higher than the smaller lesser known insurance companies.  So, take a look at the small insurance companies and check out their rates.  In addition, there are companies out there that specifically focus on boat insurance and should provide lower rates than the big insurance giants out there.

Fishing boat insurance is one of the best ways to protect you boat.  No longer do you have to worry about the cost of fixing damages to your boat, a simple and affordable premium is all you need to be at ease. For those asking “Is fishing boat insurance required by law?” the answer is “No.”. No law requires ANY boat to have ANY kind of insurance, but even so – it’s highly recommended by industry professionals.